Business Engineering

Business Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on how Business should be designed and managed. Includes a comprehensive view of company’s designs through the generation of patterns and generalization of the processes and activities in what is now called Enterprise Architecture.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to:

determine problems and identify business needs;

identify and recommend viable solutions for meeting those needs;elicit, document, and manage stakeholder requirements in order to meet business and project objectives.

Project Management

All organizations have some kind of project, as they are fundamental to any activity. New products or processes, oraganizational changes, new services and others.

Not only in the planning stage a standard is necessary, but this is also true for executing and control stages.


Business Process Management

BPM is a systematic approach to improving a company's business processes. BPM gives an organization the ability to define, execute, manage and refine processes that: involve human interaction, such as placing orders

work with multiple applications

handle dynamic process rules and changes, not just simple, static flows.

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